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What’s a Twitterment?

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

We came. We planked. We golfed. We Twittered.

The 1st EVER Golf Twitterment has come and gone but not without a lot of conversation, amazing memories and hilarious stories from participants, sponsors & organizers of the event.

You might ask the question, “What’s a Twitterment” or “Why a Twitterment”. Two fun questions that I love answering. First the what.

Twit·ter·ment/Twih-Tuhr-Mehnt/ [1] A non-traditional Golf Tournament that creates powerful conversations & lasting memories through social activities, challenges and the sharing of unique business and personal stories through social media.

The Why.

Because social media makes it possible. The Golf Twitterment was born out of a conversation between 5 individuals on twitter. We asked, “What if we were to create a Twitter-only golf tournament? One that breaks the mold of a traditional golf tournament with sponsors, participants & stuffy receptions. What if we gave sponsors the opportunity to run a fun, unique and interesting challenge at the hole they sponsor that connects directly with their brand and the products/services they offer? And finally, what if we we further ‘Gamified’ the tournament by assigning point values to each challenge, developing bonus challenges that teams can complete on to accumulate points & be proclaimed the winning Twitterment team?”

Giftopia Twitterment Twitterment Twitterment

At first we thought we were crazy. Fellow organizers initially thought that securing 100 golfers much less selling out the tournament would be challenging and take considerable effort & resources. With good reason. Not only was it the first time this was ever going to be attempted anywhere in the world, we had just over 6 weeks to put everything together. That meant finding prizes, securing sponsors, inviting attendees and scheduling volunteers to assist during the day.

We had all of the pieces of the puzzle – and we used twitter to help us reach our audience and create interest and awareness for the event. Within one week of promoting the event we had 10 teams registered and 10 sponsors confirmed. We knew we were on to something.

The sponsors kept coming and so did the participants & networking dinner guests. By the time August 22nd rolled around, we had nearly 25 sponsors, 20 reception-only guests and just over 100 participants for golf!

Special thanks to our GOLD Sponsors: ORYX Advertising, Charcoal Group, Groundhog Divers and Galt Country Club. You and our silver sponsors helped to make the event an unbelievable success! Just check out some of the quotes overheard from the day:

“This is by far the most fun I have ever had at a golf tournament” – Katie C.

“I’ve been to a lot of golf tournaments before, but this is by far the best” Avi M.

“The sponsors’ challenges were so much fun! It was great to meet so many business owners in Waterloo Region.” Max S.

“Whoever thought of drinking the grape juice as a challenge from The Wine Expert is genius. Sick, but genius!” Brittny S.

The list goes on. A local tech startup, GooseChase Adventures helped us keep track of all of the points with their mobile application (For BlackBerry & iPhone) GooseChase. Here’s a video that they put together from all of the pictures that were submitted during the event:

We awarded prizes for atypical ‘winners’. Individuals who tweeted the most. Teams that tweeted the most. Highest GooseChase score and most sunburned. Our amazing sponsors helped us secure great prizes such as Diving lessons from Groundhog divers, Gift Cards from the Charcoal Group, Home Theater System form Gibson’s Sound & Vision, brand new smartphones from Wind Mobile, and so much more. Participants not only walked away with great memories from the challenges and the event, but they actually walked away with something of value as well!

Of course, no Twitterment would be complete without recording every golfer’s attempt at re-creating the famous Happy Gilmore golf swing. Here are some of the top videos:

Here is a look at Scott M’s #WINNING Video:
Scott M. ID# 227
Here is the runner up Top 5 list:
Brent F. ID#234
Avi M. ID#174
Alex K. ID#239
Krista H. ID#198
Robert S ID#247
Celebrity appearance by:

As you can imagine, we heard a lot of comments such as, “I can’t believe I missed this” and “Count me in for next year”. Count you in is exactly what we intend to do. Now that the First Golf Twitterment to take place anywhere in the world is in the books, we have no doubt that it will be bigger and better next year. Make sure you don’t miss out on this next year as we’re already starting to plan the #WRGT12 to see how we can top this year’s event. Follow us on Twitter and visit our fan page on facebook so you don’t miss out on the action! (if you have pictures from the event, post them on our facebook wall as well!)


Your Waterloo Region Golf Twitterment Organizers
(Matt, Michelle, J.R., Karl, Alex, Greg, Amanda


Why Mobile Marketing needs to be a part of your mix – Now.

If it’s not currently a part of your company’s marketing mix, start now. Start thinking about how you will stay ahead of your competitors by reaching the increasing number of smartphones & tablets being carried by your target audience. Is your website optimized for mobile? How about your blog? Is there a customized application you could develop that would provide additional value? How can mobile marketing be integrated into your existing marketing mix?

“Consumers are 25% more likely to respond to advertising, (print, billboards, bus shelters, etc) if they are able to do so via a mobile response” ~ BusinessWorld

“Based on 74 campaigns during Q4 2009, and with a huge 69,854 respondents, the research revealed that on average, 22% were aware of a mobile advert — leading to a purchase intent rate of 5.4%” ~ Brandchannel

Together, these two data points indicate that consumers are not only responding favourably to mobile advertising from an awareness standpoint, but that this technology is translating into genuine purchase intent and sales. It comes down to making it easy for your customers to buy your product/service. Each step in between your customer and that customer purchasing your product decreases the likelihood that they will buy from you.

So, what can you do now to improve your mobile marketing efforts and increase your conversion rates in print and traditional advertising? Try playing to a person’s curiosity by adding a QR code to your ad. Link it to a customized mobile landing page. Provide them with a means of discovering what makes your product or services, awesome. QR Codes are very robust and can be used to store links to websites, videos, audio files, images and even SMS messages, so think about how you could integrate these into your existing advertisements.

Recently, we ran a small, local promotion designed to raise awareness for QR codes, local businesses and most importantly, to have some fun with mobile marketing & communications! Over the course of 5 days, we hid prize baskets at 5 different businesses across the city. Using social media (Twitter, facebook and a customized blog), we shared a QR Code clue as to where the prize basket was hiding that day. The first person to arrive at the secret location, claimed the prize. We also installed ‘digital ballot boxes’ at each location in order to reward subsequent visitors for playing along. This ballot entered them into a draw to win some amazing grand prizes including, VISA gift cards and a Blu-Ray player.

After the promotion, we analyzed the data and developed a report that outlined the success of the mobile campaign and how similar campaigns could work in the future. Here are the results of the case study:

QR code

QR Code Project

We learned that not only is awareness for QR codes high, integrating them into existing marketing and advertising activities is an excellent way to add a layer of interactivity on top of your ads.

Adoption of smartphones will increase exponentially in the next few years so you need to begin allocating resources to mobile marketing. Email me: to chat about how we can work together to develop a successful mobile marketing strategy for your business. For starters:

  • K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, SIMPLE. It’s not just about making a QR code link to your Web page or your Facebook page. Even if those pages are optimized for mobile, chances are the content isn’t. Mobile content needs to be easy to access, to appreciate and to easy to share. If it fails the user on any one of those counts, it won’t create the reaction you’re hoping for.
  • See. Scan. See you later. I’m a big fan of integrating QR Codes into existing activities because taking a picture is faster and easier than looking up a twitter handle or keying in a URL into your mobile browser. Other technologies will arrive making things even easier (See NFC), but right now, QR Codes are king as they’re readily available & easy to use.
  • Let context dictate content. Make sure your mobile content is useful to consumers in the same location you expect them to experience it in. Don’t offer them videos in a location where they won’t be able to watch them right away.
  • We’re still early in the cycle. People won’t buy anything or fill out long-winded forms via your mobile site. It’s just another touch point in a series of consumer touch points designed to keep your message consistent. Great mobile sites serve up awesome content and create a means for your customers to connect with your brand through their desired platform – later if they wish. Your mobile site is a powerful medium for you to wow your audience, raise awareness and keep your brand top of mind for when your customers are ready to buy.

Content from list derived from “How to blend mobile marketing with Social Media” article. Credit: Jesse Stanchak, June 15, 2011

QR Code Egg Hunt – Location Four: WeSellIt

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Congratulations to all of those in KW who used their QR code scanner on Thursday to find the fourth secret location, WeSellIt in Waterloo! Krista, Will and Barry at WeSellIt offered up some cool prizes in addition to the hidden Easter basket. For finding the secret location, several people were rewarded with an electric weed wacker! Perfect since gardening season is just around the corner!

Congratulations to Caryn who was the first to find WeSellIt’s store location in North Waterloo by using her QR Code reader to scan the secret clue:

QR Code Easter Egg Hunt

Secret Location

Here’s a picture of Caryn with her prize:

QR Code Easter Egg Hunt
There were also three others who found the secret location and walked away with special gifts from WeSellIt:

The final KWeggHunt location will be revealed on Friday! There are chances to win a Blu-ray player, $25 Visa card from ORYX Advertising, or a signed jersey from the Kitchener Rangers! Happy hunting!

Stop Linking your Social Media Profiles.

February 18, 2011 3 comments

Please. Stop.

I used to do it. I admit it. I enjoyed the convenience of being able to update FB & LinkedIn together with a single tweet. I then realized how annoying this is. Not for me – for my followers. So I stopped.

The reality is that these are very different platforms. My Facebook friends are very different from my LinkedIn connections and twitter followers. A small percentage of my following crosses these platforms, but for the most part, these audiences are independent of each other.

The nature of the messages I post inside of each platform for the most part are very different as well. Inside of Facebook, I might post a photo album of a recent vacation or wish a friend a Happy Birth Day. With twitter, I’m constantly re-tweeting information that I believe will be relevant to my twitter followers such as articles, links to videos on YouTube or breaking news. In LinkedIn, I will infrequently post links to business articles, business recommendations, etc.

The key is posting RELEVANT information for each audience. Which is what marketers and advertisers should focus on as well.

Recently, someone I follow on Twitter and LinkedIn posted a link to a videothat updated in both platforms: I thought it was hilarious and excellent content for twitter, but I also thought about how a colleague, peer or client might perceive this post in LinkedIn.

Be mindful of message frequency in each platform.
Twitter – High-volume of updates. Frequent posting is less likely to annoy your audience/followers.
Facebook – Medium-volume of updates. Frequent posting is likely to annoy your audience/friends.
LinkedIn – Low-volume of updates. Frequent posting is extremely likely to annoy your audience/connections.

Signs people are getting annoyed at your linked updates:
1. One of your Facebook friends says, “Man, you tweet a lot” (and, they’re not on twitter)
2. You’re talking to a client connected through Linkedin and they say, “Wow. It looks like you really had a lot of fun on Saturday….”
3. Someone creates a blog post called, “Stop linking your social media profiles.”

Social media should be social. It should be about connecting with your audience by sharing information relevant to them. When you link your profiles, you not only look like a robot – it’s like saying, “I don’t know you very well” to your friends, followers and connections.

I’m on Twitter – Now What?

January 11, 2011 2 comments

A friend asked me recently, “How do you know Dave Chalmers?”

“I don’t” I replied, “I just follow him on Twitter.”

As soon as I uttered those words, I realized how ridiculous that might sound to someone who doesn’t use Twitter. Why would you follow someone who you don’t know in person, or have a relationship with?

I’ve been using Twitter for just over two years. In the beginning, when someone would ask me what Twitter is all about and why I’m such and advocate of the platform I used to say, “The power of Twitter is all in who you follow. It’s a connected stream of content that gets updated by the second. I follow a number of people in marketing, wireless, investing, business, sports and news outlets because that’s what I’m interested in. It’s like the news, on steroids”.

While I still believe that most of this is true, when now confronted with this question, I find myself saying – “It’s about engagement, the relationship. It’s about the ability to establish a connection others who have similar interests, learning from them, their experiences and their knowledge.”

It’s about learning from one another. We can connect with individuals, celebrities, business leaders, brands, politicians and media outlets in real time and in ways that were never before possible. We can interact with people miles away who have similar interests, experiences or challenges and learn from them.

As an example, I follow Dave because he has identified that he has interests in mobile, hockey and sharing business ideas. Things that I am also passionate about.

I am in no way a Twitter expert. Nor am I an expert in social media. I don’t think that anyone really can be. I’m skeptical of those who claim to be ninjas, gurus and experts in the field because the the platform is continuously evolving. What worked well yesterday may not work at all tomorrow.

Many people I talk to that I have ‘convinced’ to join Twitter later come to me and say, “I’m on Twitter – now what?”. They haven’t followed anyone yet, haven’t updated their profile to promote the addition of followers and haven’t posted an update. Their usage declines and eventually, the luster of their shiny new Twitter profile begins to wear off.

To these people, and to anyone new to Twitter, I offer up some things that have helped me increase my enjoyment of the platform:

  1. Use the ‘Who to Follow‘ suggestions.
    – Find people using Twitter’s suggestions, browse by category or find your friends on Twitter.
  2. Find your friends and see who they follow.
    – Since you’re friends, so you’re likely interested in the same things.
  3. Re-tweet things from your Twitter friends that you think your followers would be interested in.
  4. Use @mentions to respond to the interesting things that people post
  5. Use @mentions to thank people for retweeting your posts or for mentioning you in a post
  6. Follow-back people who follow you (those with similar interests)
  7. We’ll leave this blank because this list is evolving! 😉

Feel free to comment and provide me with other tips/tricks that have worked well for you or your experiences with social media platforms.

And…Follow me on Twitter!

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