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Interesting Data on Tablet Usage, Demographics and Mobile Marketing

June 7, 2011 11 comments

If I told you 14 months ago that there’s a market out there that doesn’t exist yet, but will be worth approximately $35 Billion by 2012, what would you say?

Last year, you may have said it’s impossible but that is exactly what the tablet market is estimated to be valued at by next year.

It’s no secret that Apple created this space with the launch of the iPad in 2010. Since then, there have been dozens of competitors enter the market hoping to capitalize on this newly developed category while trying to erode Apple’s marketshare strangle hold of nearly 90% of all tablets. Recently, these and other interesting usage statistics from 1st generation tablet users were revealed at the OMMA Tablet Revolution Conference in New York on June 6, 2011. I have collected this information below, please provide your feedback and thoughts.

Tablet Market

Tablet Devices in Market

I have had my BlackBerry Playbook for just over two weeks now and I’m finding i’m using it as a quick resource to the internet, browsing, games, youtube, music and movies. In addition to the Playbook, there is the iPad2, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy tab, Motorola Xoom, HP Slate, among others. So, how are people currently using their tablet today? What opportunities do tablets bring to advertisers and marketers with respect to mobile marketing? A panel that included David Gill , VP, Mobile Media and Marketing , The Nielsen Company, provided this insight:

  • UM research says 3 iPad owner mindsets – simplicity craver, on demand lifestyle, the family enabler
  • Tablet owners skews male, median age 38, Median HHI $142K, married w/ kids
  • Tablet owners download an average of 18 apps.
  • 65% want magazines on their tablet
  • Tablets are being used for fun, learning and to pass the time, but NOT so much to connect with friends as of yet
  • Interestingly, men aged 25-34 and women aged 45-54 use tablets the most
  • Holding up iPad – “This our new yard sign” – says Michael Fischer, CMo Coldwell Banker
  • Free apps are still the norm; must drive ways to get people to pay for apps
  • Consumers did not like ads that played music automatically when they engage (just like online)
  • Interactive ad features are a must, with videos being liked the most (75%)
  • Most tab users are NOT using their tabs to connect — more about content now
  • 56% of tablet users say they use it several times a day. 63% share their tablet with 2 or more people
  • The mobility of the tablet can help increase the validity of other channels, such as TV
  • Tablets are the “slouch” device. Lean back consumption & entertainment. Quickly becoming preferred web device while watching tv
  • Jeremy Lockhorn, Razorfish “tablets are not a replacement device, they are a media complementary device
  • What makes tablet different isn’t touch, but its form factor and inherent sharing
  • While there are challenges in this space, it’s a magical device with opportunities for everyone

Do you own a tablet? If so, which tablet do you own?


An Easter Egg Hunt Using QR Codes

April 20, 2011 1 comment

Last month I wrote a post asking if we have killed QR codes in North America. Formats, devices, platforms and readers seem to be hindering adoption of what is an easy and powerful way to access information using any camera-equipped smartphone.

To test this, recently I ran what just might have been the first ever Easter Egg hunt using QR codes. Over the course of a week in April, I hid Easter Baskets full of goodies (golf umbrellas, golf balls, Tim Horton’s gift cards, Easter Candy) at several secret businesses around Waterloo Region. Each day I posted a clue using QR codes through Facebook, our Blog and Twitter that provided instructions on how to find the hidden basket. The first person to arrive at the secret location claimed the prize. We also installed  ‘digital ballot boxes’ at each location to make sure that people playing along were rewarded. Inside each store, we displayed another QR code which linked to a webform for contact and email capture. These ballots entered the participant into a grand prize draw to win a Blu-ray player, $25 Visa gift card and a hockey jersey signed by the Kitchener Rangers.




Fairview Park Mall QR Code Clue QR code egg hunt QR Code Easter Egg Hunt
The goal of this activity was to raise awareness for QR codes, local businesses and to prove that your small business doesn’t need a massive marketing budget to run successful campaigns. The campaign generated some interesting data:
  • Prize baskets were claimed within 30 minutes of the clue being shared
  • On average, 25 people participated in the hunt each day. That’s 25 incremental visitors to each location each day.
  • Through blog traffic, @mentions & RTs on Twitter, facebook posts over 1,200 impressions were generated
Further details of the project can be found in this report:

QR code

QR Code Project

A very wide and diverse demographic participated in the KW Egg Hunt. This activity also proved that ‘gamifying’ your marketing campaigns and sharing them through social media is an effective way to create action, boost awareness & interest while adding a layer of interactivity onto your existing marketing activities.

Have you ever heard of the HP TC 1100? Apple has.

March 16, 2011 2 comments

Sometimes looking at the past can provide a glimpse into the future.

Before the introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010, I doubt many of you could say with confidence that you knew what a tablet PC was. Sure, there were concepts out there, but the early adopters were very hard to find. What if I told you that tablets have not only been out for many years, but a REAL competitor to the 2010 iPad had been introduced back in 2003?!

1Ghz processor, 40GB to 80GB storage capacity, 10.4 inch VGA display, Stereo sound, 2x USB ports, SD card slot, PC card slot, VGA video output and headphone jack! No, these aren’t the specs for the iPad. Infact, the tech specs of the 2003 HP tablet far exceeded the on-board capabilities of the iPad launched some seven years later. Just look at the comparison:

What a Tablet!

Meet the HP TC 1100. Sexy name, I know.

Never heard of the HP TC 1100? You’re not alone. Although it retained a loyal following, HP promptly EOL’d this product back in 2005. (still 5 years before iPad).

I managed to dig up a technical review of the HP TC 1100 by Linda Epstein who unboxed the product in March 0f 2004. Among the pros of the device from Linda’s post:

  • The optional HP W500 802.11a/b/g WLAN is the best Wireless I have used to date
  • Light weight and compact, the TC1100 is great for travel
  • External pen activated icons and programmable”Q” Menu give you instant access to everything you need
  • Hybrid model gives you the option using it as a slate or a convertible
  • Quickly and easily detaches from the case and the keyboard for use as a Slate
  • fold out feet that allow you to angle the tablet on the desk for a more comfortable writing experience
  • Screen orientation changes automatically
  • 3 Year worldwide limited warranty

The cons that Linda identified in her review:

  • Optical drive must be purchased separately. (Who uses this anymore)
  • Unlike a convertible when the tc1100 is closed the face of the tablet is exposed and not protected so a case is a must. (Cause there have never been reports of iPads’ screen cracking)
  • For the first time user of a tablet pc the hardware information is in section 5 of the startup guide rather than in the front. If you a new user and don’t know where any of the buttons are or what they are for this is a problem (So they had to perfect the GUI a bit..)
  • Keyboard too close to the screen for comfort (If you want a keyboard, buy a Laptop!)

I can’t imagine where tablet technology might be today had there been more early adopters of the HP TC 1100 back in 2003.

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