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QR Code Egg Hunt – Location Two: Subworx Waterloo

Congratulations to all of those in KW who used their QR code scanner to find the second secret location, Subworx in Waterloo! The clue was scheduled to be shared around 11AM however, due to Amazon’s EC2 server outage last week (which affected Hootsuite, the platform used to schedule these messages), a scheduling error caused the clue to be shared a few hours earlier. Even though the messages were deleted within 2 minutes of them being posted, a few speedy people managed to find the secret location and claim the prize!

Here is what the clue looked like:

QR Code Clue

Secret Location

Congratulations to Erika for finding the secret location, two days in a row!


Day Two Winner of QR code Egg Hunt

Since the day’s prize was found so quickly, we decided to run another promotion in the afternoon with Subworx. The above clue was shared again and this time – the first person to arrive would receive a $25 VISA card from ORYX Advertising and Lunch from Tim at Subworx! Many people may not have been expecting a second #KWeggHunt giveaway, and the prize was claimed just after 5PM by BenWinner of the $25 VISA card from ORYX Advertising!
Response to the promotion has been excellent thus far and people around Waterloo Region are definitely tech savvy, having no trouble finding the secret location using QR code readers on their smartphones.

There are still more baskets hidden around the region with clues being sent out Tomorrow and Friday this week. Also, watch for a special QR code in today’s Waterloo Chronicle from Gibson’s Sound & Vision!

Stay tuned for special goodies being given away by ORYX Advertising this Friday! Follow the KW Egg Hunt on Twitter and on Facebook for details on the upcoming secret locations!

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