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An Easter Egg Hunt Using QR Codes

Last month I wrote a post asking if we have killed QR codes in North America. Formats, devices, platforms and readers seem to be hindering adoption of what is an easy and powerful way to access information using any camera-equipped smartphone.

To test this, recently I ran what just might have been the first ever Easter Egg hunt using QR codes. Over the course of a week in April, I hid Easter Baskets full of goodies (golf umbrellas, golf balls, Tim Horton’s gift cards, Easter Candy) at several secret businesses around Waterloo Region. Each day I posted a clue using QR codes through Facebook, our Blog and Twitter that provided instructions on how to find the hidden basket. The first person to arrive at the secret location claimed the prize. We also installed  ‘digital ballot boxes’ at each location to make sure that people playing along were rewarded. Inside each store, we displayed another QR code which linked to a webform for contact and email capture. These ballots entered the participant into a grand prize draw to win a Blu-ray player, $25 Visa gift card and a hockey jersey signed by the Kitchener Rangers.




Fairview Park Mall QR Code Clue QR code egg hunt QR Code Easter Egg Hunt
The goal of this activity was to raise awareness for QR codes, local businesses and to prove that your small business doesn’t need a massive marketing budget to run successful campaigns. The campaign generated some interesting data:
  • Prize baskets were claimed within 30 minutes of the clue being shared
  • On average, 25 people participated in the hunt each day. That’s 25 incremental visitors to each location each day.
  • Through blog traffic, @mentions & RTs on Twitter, facebook posts over 1,200 impressions were generated
Further details of the project can be found in this report:

QR code

QR Code Project

A very wide and diverse demographic participated in the KW Egg Hunt. This activity also proved that ‘gamifying’ your marketing campaigns and sharing them through social media is an effective way to create action, boost awareness & interest while adding a layer of interactivity onto your existing marketing activities.

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