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My Wedding

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Matt Duench!
Mr. and Mrs. Duench!

I got a feelin…that night was a good, good night!

What a whirlwind of a few months.  I definitely underestimated the amount of work that goes into planning and preparing for a wedding – especially when it’s yours.  The location, (In small town Ontario) made selecting a venue that could accommodate our guests along with our requirements – difficult.  We chose to hold the reception in a tent on my fiancee’s parent’s farm knowing that we could make it our own & do things our way.  Tents are definitely a lot of work.  Many weeks were spent (myself, fiancee, fiancee’s parents, my parents, brothers, sisters and friends) preparing the farm for our wedding day.  Grass was cut and weeded, flowers were grown, flowerbeds were maintained, weeds were whacked, shed doors were painted, electrical was run & installed, gravel was graded, a 70-year old Maple (which had fallen in March) was carved into five 4-foot stumps, sanded and modified to hold table umbrellas…Table Stumps

…the list goes on.   I spent the entire week before the wedding just knocking items off of our to-do list, completing hard labour and keeping up with my father-in-law who should have worn a white hat through the entire process.

In the end – it was worth it.  My only worries; the weather, our guests travelling safely and having a good time and would the band be able to find Clinton, ON?

Weather – perfect!
Guests – enjoyed themselves and returned home safely.
Band, well…the band not only found the place, they put on an absolutely amazing show and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire a live band for a wedding or private function.  They are absolute professionals and invited myself or any one of my guests up to perform with them.  (My cousin Graham took them up on their offer.)
Graham with the band

Our amazing MC’s Krista & Will choreographed a complete wedding entrance dance with our wedding party to BEP’s “I got a feelin'” that completely surprised us!  While the actual footage is still in production, here’s what it looked like (sans Oprah):

The whole tent joined it – it was amazing!

Thanks to all for a great night!

I’ve added a slideshow that we received from our photographer. It’s about 5-minutes long if you’d like to check it out: Matt & Christine – August 28, 2010 (Password is dale, if prompted).

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